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Health, Safety & Environment

It is the Policy of the Company to conform to the highest safety, health and environment standards in the interest of our employees, customers, other persons and the environment.

The Company has therefore established and maintains a Safety, Health and Environment Policy containing standards and procedures to ensure compliance with this primary objective.  The Policy and Statement are continually improved by auditing, reviewing and where necessary revising on an annual basis. 

Directors, Managers, Supervision and employees personally contribute to minimise the risk of injury, ill health and property and environmental damage.  All Directors, Managers and Supervision actively ensure that this Policy is implemented.

ACM Management Solutions Ltd regards the provision of properly trained staff as the key to safe operations on site.  One of the company's specific objectives is to provide high quality safety training, information and guidance to all personnel by means of;

  • Company induction courses
  • Customer site induction courses
  • Health & Safety Management Plan in depth briefings
  • Safety training sessions & refresher training
  • Use of external training organisations and professionals for specialist training
  • to supplement training and toolbox talks, safety campaigns run throughout the year, including the displaying of posters and notices at all locations

SAFE-Contractor accreditation

ACM Management Solutions Ltd is accredited to the SAFE-Contractor Scheme.

SAFE-Contractor is a programme which recognises very high standards of health and safety practise amongst UK contractors. Under SAFE-contractor, businesses undergo a rigorous vetting process, which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safety.

Many clients now demand SAFE-Contractor accreditation for all their contractors & sub-contractors as a measure of their commitment to Health & Safety.


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