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Asbestos Data Management

We are able to supply, install & support asbestos management databases that enable property managers to access, input, update and distribute asbestos records for their property portfolio.

The Survey Database system is designed to electronically record and control occurrences of asbestos in buildings and other structures. Comprehensive reports are held in a concise and easy to read format which can be printed or electronically distributed via e-mail or posted on a secure website. Full historic information concerning each occurrence of asbestos can be stored within the database along with the current Material and Priority assessment of risk.

The system complies with the latest asbestos regulations including HSG264 (Asbestos: The survey guide).

Each survey can be summarised and presented in any or all of the following reports:

  • Summary by region or business unit,
  • Summary by property or address
  • Summary by floor, area or room within each property
  • Summary by asbestos product type
  • Summary by risk band
  • Summary by re-inspection date
Our database system is compatible with the majority of windows operating software and co-ordination with your existing property management systems is likely; however this would need to be determined by our Database Manager in conjunction with your I.T personnel.
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